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How To Fix WordPress Internal Path/Full Path Disclosure(FPD) Issue

As wordpress is probably the most used php script on Internet, it represents one the the hackers favorite target. Each security issue get known really easy, exposes sometimes even the sites having the latest updates.

One known issue in Worpress is the fact that it exposes the internal path when a warning or error message is displayed. This is a functionality inherited from php and wordpress developers don’t consider it an issue. In this post we’ll check how this works and how we can disable it.

How to Retrieve the Latest Tweets In PHP

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This post contains a little php snippet to search and retrieve the latest tweets from twitter. The documentation for twitter search function is available here and here:

How to Detect Language for a String in PHP

For me it happens pretty other to have to validate if a text string is in English or to detect the language. Most of the algorithms are based on the probability of appearance of sequences of letters. For example the sequence of letters “the” is more frequent in English than… Read more »